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A rusty nail surrounded by blue stains in oak forms the basis of this research. Oak contains high concentrations of tannic acid, which turns into dark blue when it’s exposed to steel. The same happens with steel, as a result of a chemical reaction between red iron oxide and tannic acid. To accelerate this normally undesirable process the elements that cause this chemical reaction are applied in liquid form on the other material.Tannic Acid series of Steven Banken reveals the exceptional similarity in color of two radically different materials after the natural transition.View products

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I-Joist project

Wood is a material with a visible memory. It tells a story in shape of a tree, beam or furniture. With project I-Joist Steven Banken continuous the story of the material. The beam with I-profile combines pure beauty with strength. These numbered Oak wooden elements begin as part of a cabinet. Solid beams function as drawers, which roll in the length on brass wheels.Family, houses or aesthetics are in constant movement and changes. The rejection of used furniture is a part of this movement. Nothing has an ultimate destination. The owner of the cabinet can contact manufacturer “I-Joist” for the […]

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