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A rusty nail surrounded by blue stains in oak forms the basis of this research. Oak contains high concentrations of tannic acid, which turns into dark blue when it’s exposed to steel. The same happens with steel, as a result of a chemical reaction between red iron oxide and tannic acid. To accelerate this normally undesirable process the elements that cause this chemical reaction are applied in liquid form on the other material.

Tannic Acid series of Steven Banken reveals the exceptional similarity in color of two radically different materials after the natural transition.
  • Yesterday we had a special visit from His Majesty King Willem Alexander in our studio. photo: Max Kneefel #king #willemalexander #royal #ddf #copperlamp #eindhoven
  • In yesterdays newspaper - 10th anniversary of Collaboration O. Come by during the DDW to celebrate with cake and coffee, October 20-28. #ddw #stevenbanken #studio #collaborationo #chokbites
  • making some new pictures of the collection #photoshoot #inprogress #copperlamp #ijoist #bananaleaf #stevenbanken
  • production time again #copperlamp
  • 'Never use steel nails in oak' was the advice of my grandfather. He was a carpenter and blacksmith and forms the basis for project Tannic Acid. #toondriessen #stevenbanken #blacksmith #tannicacid
  • Back from Milan - back to the workshop

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