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Wood is a material with a visible memory. It tells a story in shape of a tree, beam or furniture. With project I-Joist Steven Banken continuous the story of the material. The beam with I-profile combines pure beauty with strength. These numbered Oak wooden elements begin as part of a cabinet. Solid beams function as drawers, which roll in the length on brass wheels.

Family, houses or aesthetics are in constant movement and changes. The rejection of used furniture is a part of this movement. Nothing has an ultimate destination. The owner of the cabinet can contact manufacturer “I-Joist” for the return service. I-Joist gives the joists a new life as high quality construction material. Every joist is registered with a serial number, which tracks down information on age, place and size.
  • Yesterday we had a special visit from His Majesty King Willem Alexander in our studio. photo: Max Kneefel #king #willemalexander #royal #ddf #copperlamp #eindhoven
  • In yesterdays newspaper - 10th anniversary of Collaboration O. Come by during the DDW to celebrate with cake and coffee, October 20-28. #ddw #stevenbanken #studio #collaborationo #chokbites
  • making some new pictures of the collection #photoshoot #inprogress #copperlamp #ijoist #bananaleaf #stevenbanken
  • production time again #copperlamp
  • 'Never use steel nails in oak' was the advice of my grandfather. He was a carpenter and blacksmith and forms the basis for project Tannic Acid. #toondriessen #stevenbanken #blacksmith #tannicacid
  • Back from Milan - back to the workshop

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